How We Work

Initial consultation

Once you have contacted us, you will make an hour’s appointment to discuss you requirements with Shani. This will cost £20. We will have asked you to choose a couple of flavours of cake and filling when you contacted us for an appointment. You will have a tasting session at the appointment. We will discuss the number of people you are catering for, the venue and most importantly the THEME. If you have any images from a mood board, logos, a swatch of material, a favorite item or anything else, bring them along. Shani will take down any details and do some rough sketches for everyone to start visualizing the cake. We will finalize your flavour choices and get an idea of the final design. If you decide to hire Hampton Cakes for your special event, the cake will be booked into our baking diary.


Final Design

Shani will produce a more finished sketch of a couple of options to send to you for choice and approval. Once you have decided, she will do a finished color artwork for you to sign off. This must be co firmed in writing along with the deposit required at least 8 weeks before the cake is required. Please see the Prices page for the rest of the payment schedule.



If you are collecting the cake yourself, you will state your time of pick up. You can arrive later than this time, but there will be no guarantee that your cake is ready for collection if you bring this time forward. The cake will not be packed when you arrive. You will be asked to examine the cake and sign for it to say that it is in good condition before it is packed. If it is a complex or large cake, we will have discussed that it will be packed in pieces to be assembled on site. You are responsible for the cake from this point on.

If we are delivering to the venue, we will take responsibility for getting the cake to the venue by the stated time. We will assemble the cake in situ as instructed by the person in charge of the venue, who will then sign off the cake on your behalf. We will have discussed and agreed a delivery charge during the booking.


Cake Accessories

We can provide stands, table linens and cutting knife for hire. There is a deposit for these items which is refunded upon return of the items undamaged and unmarked.


2 thoughts on “How We Work

  1. Try the caramel cake – we had a chocolate layer and a caramel layer and everyone says the chocolate was gorgeous but the caramel was STONKING 🙂


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